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A man has been shot dead after he confronted a couple for taking his wife out for drinks. 


The incident happened before 3 am on June 15 at home in the 24700 block of Oconee in the Princeton Place subdivision, in Tomball, Texas. 



The Harris County sheriff’s deputies revealed that the victim’s wife has gone out to drink with a couple who live nearby. The two couples knew each other and were friends. 



When she was dropped off early Wednesday morning, the victim came outside and an argument ensued with the other man who investigators say is the shooter. 



The alleged shooter returned home to drop off his own wife and returned to the victim’s house with a gun. A new argument started and when it was heated the man pulled his gun and fired two rounds of ammunition at the victim. The victim died on the spot. 


“This husband is upset. He confronts the man for taking his wife out drinking. And then, that’s when the shooting occurred,” Sgt. Ben Beall said.



After the shooting, the suspect drove off to his home. Harris county deputies revealed that later the gunman returned to the scene where he was found by the police when they arrived. He surrendered himself and was arrested. 



The victim’s wife was so distressed and she was taken to the hospital for medical attention. 



Neighbors revealed that the couple have three children. At the time of the incident, their two daughters were sleeping and their son was not at home.



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Sharing is Caring:

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