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A 61-year-old woman who recently married a 24-year-old man has revealed that they are planning on having a baby via a surrogate following un-successful attempts to conceive on her own.


Cheryl McGregor met Quran McCain in 2012, while they were both working at American fast food chain Dairy Queen.


When they met, McCain was 15 while Cheryl was 52 years old. The latter is a mother of seven children. There was no sign of romance when the two met for the first time. However, their relationship blossomed when they met again in 2020.


Quran McCain’s grandmother is six years younger than Cheryl. This age gap between the two received a lot of criticism especially when they posted video featuring the couple online.


The couple married each other in September 2021 and the idea of having a child together emerged. Despite Cheryl’s age, she attempted to conceive naturally but it did not happen. That is when they started exploring the surrogacy idea as well as adoption stating that they “feel they deserve children of their own.”


“We prefer surrogacy, however, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born,” Quran said.


“We are looking for a nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after it’s born.


“We don’t want people trying to have a baby for us for financial gain, we are not that financially inclined ourselves.


“With adoption, we are looking for a biracial baby so the baby would know, ‘I have half black and half white parents,’ so he [or she] would feel that we are his true parents.”


The first candidates for surrogacy were Cherly’s daughters but both did not qualify because they have had hysterectomies.



In addition to discussing who is the right surrogate, they also discussed the implications of their age gap in raising a child. This was a tough conversation indeed.


“We understand that I may not be there for as long as Quran is but I have faith in him,” Cheryl explained.


“If I am not here he can do it. He’s gonna be a great father, he’s a responsible adult. I had every bit of faith that he could raise our child and do it very well.”



“Our family is also very supportive of our decision to have children, at first they were hesitant for the same reasons.



“However, now five of my children have come to accept the idea and my mother-in-law and I make videos together.”


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Sharing is Caring:

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