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One mother in Michigan is using a daily dress-up game to teach her daughter about the lives of prominent black figures in history. 

Photo: Paisley paying homage to one of the black historical figures

This is the third year that the mother is doing this game with her daughter. She always posts a side-by-side picture of her daughter and the historical figure and posts on Facebook with a detailed narrative on what the figure contributed to history of the black people. 

February is a black history month and Taylor Trotter is teaching her daughter Paisley about her black history using this unique method. 

Photo: Paisley dressed up as Fredrick Douglass the iconic abolitionist 

“Racism doesn’t have an age, so kids are never too young to learn about it,” Trotter said. “I don’t want to send her into the world blindsided to the fact that people may treat her differently just because of the way she looks.”

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Sharing is Caring:

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