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Uganda’s electoral commission has banned the use of mobile phones and cameras at the polling stations on 14 January 2021 when the votes will be cast. The chairperson of the Commission Simon Byabakama said this while addressing the media in Kampala, Uganda. 

During the presser, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) demanded to know more about the technologies which shall be deployed during the polling in Uganda considering that only a couple of days are remaining. 

The chairperson of the commission has also banned journalists from entering the polling stations on the elections day. Also no one will be allowed to wear party uniforms or carry items of campaign of any candidate on the voting day. 

Finally, voters will not be allowed to remain at the polling stations after casting their votes. This contrasts the call by presidential candidates calling upon their supporters to remain at the polling stations after voting to protect their votes. 

The chair of the electoral commission has insisted that if voters remain at the polling station after casting their votes, they will cause congestion and hence violate the Covid-19 protocols and further spread the virus. 

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Sharing is Caring:

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