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A UK celebrity has been arrested in Barbados for violating quarantine laws. The residents of the Island were enraged by this couple and they demand that they be sent to jail. 

The Ex-Miss Great Britain Zara Holland and her partner Elliott Love were arrested at the airport as they made an attempt to run away from the Caribbean island rather than quarantine at a monitoring unit after he tested positive for Covid-19 virus. 

According to reliable reports, those found guilty of breaking Covid laws on the island will pay an £18,000 fine or go to jail.

On Friday, Briton James MacLean, initiated a petition, called ‘Send Zara Holland and Elliott Love to jail’, which will be submitted to the island’s Prime Minister Mia Mottley for action. 

‘If one single person dies as a result of their selfish and cowardly actions, then they should be charged with murder. Either way, we strongly believe they should receive a custodial sentence, either in Barbados or the UK, for wantonly endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.’

Ronelle King, an activist in Barbados, said that the couple’s actions were equivalent to ‘conscious act of bio-terrorism.’ 

Miss Holland issued an apology to the island’s government and its angered residents. 

Upon arrival last Sunday, Mr Love tested positive for Covid-19. The two were issued with red wristbands and told to remain in their Sugar Bay Hotel room where they pay £300-a-night. 

Instead of following the quarantine rules, they booked a British Airways flight and subsequently cut off their wristbands before taking a taxi to the airport. Once at the airport, the authorities raised a red flag and police were alerted. 

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Sharing is Caring:

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