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Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan has allegedly approved in principle a law on chemical castration of rapists. 

According to media reports, Mr. Khan approved the legislation which would also fast track sexual assault cases during a federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday, 24th November. 

‘We need to ensure a safe environment for our citizens,’ GeoTV reported. 

The Prime Minister allegedly said the legislation would be clear and transparent with strict enforcement by officials.

Pakistan Prime Minister said rape survivors will be able to register complaints without fear and will have their identities protected by the state.

Pakistan has witnessed an increased number of rape cases since 2018, when a serial killer raped and then murdered a seven-year-old Zainab Ansari in Kasur in Punjab province. 

Cases of sexual harassment and violence against women have also been on the rise with nearly 1,000 women being killed each year in so-called ‘honor killings’ for allegedly violating conservative norms on love and marriage.

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Sharing is Caring:

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