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Ethiopian schools are likely to reopen on 30 October, 2020. 

The House of Peoples Representative (HPR) passed decision to hold the 6th national elections and have schools reopened. 

Ethiopian government plans to sell 40% of Ethio Telecom to foreign companies and 5% to Ethiopian citizens. 

Ethiopian Airlines 

African’s largest airlines, Ethiopian Airlines has made it compulsory for travelers to wear face masks while on board their planes and come with a clean PCR Covid-19 clearance certificate which is issued by a recognized health facility within a period of 48 hours from the date of departure. 


Currently, over 1 million Ethiopians are affected by flooding in South Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Region, Afar, Somalia, Oromia and Amhara regions. 

The floods were occasioned by the overflowing of Lake Tana in Amhara which is reported to have displaced at least 12,000 people. 

Ethiopia is planning to reopen border with neighboring countries by the end of September, 2020. In addition to that Ethiopia is tightening international borders with the aim of controlling billions of Ethiopian birrs which are alleged to be in the neighboring countries. 



Sharing is Caring:

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