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Giacomo Bonaventura has said goodbye to AC Milan after spending six years at the club.

The midfielder leaves the club after his contract expired at the end of the 2019-20 campaign.

‘’I’ve lived a dream. The years spent at Milan have been an unforgettable experience,’’ the 30-year-old posted on Instagram.

‘’I want to thank all the people that whom I shared this fantastic adventure: presidents, managers, coaches, team-mates, doctors and physiotherapists.

‘’Thank you to all those who work ‘behind the scenes’ at Milanello, they are the real engine of Milan, thanks to them every day we feel at home, in a family.

‘’Thank you to the Milan fans, who have always supported us, in the best and toughest moments: the roar of San Siro is something special, which I will never forget.

‘’You will always be in my heart.’’

Boneventura had been a regular player at Milan after he joined from Atalanta in 2014.

However, he has only started 21 times in the Serie A in the last two campaigns.

Bonaventura won the Supercoppa Italiana in 2016-17 season with Milan.

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