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Botswana has placed Gaborone under lockdown for two weeks after new Covid-19 cases were reported.

The order took effect on Thursday midnight.

Leng’amon Kwape, Botswana’s health minister made the announcement on Thursday in a televised address.

 This follows an announcement of 30 new cases in the City of an estimated 231,000 people.

“During the course of this week, the disease has taken an unexpected turn. This now requires us to place the greater Gaborone COVID-19 zone under lockdown for a minimum period of two weeks,” said Kwape.

“There will be no movement within the greater Gaborone zone without a movement permit,” said Kwape, adding that movement to and from greater Gaborone will be void with immediate effect.

The government has also urged everyone to observe the protocols set to minimise the spread of the virus.

A total of 170 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Botswana. With the virus claiming 2 lives.

Below is a tweet from the Botswana government.


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