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FIFA has confirmed that Australia and New Zealand will be joint hosts for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

A combined bid from Football Federation Australia (FFA) and New Zealand Football (NZF) beat competition from Columbia to be voted by the FIFA council.

32 teams are set to be involved in the tournament.

Columbia hoped to become the first country from South America to stage the tournament but their federation only garnered 13 out of 35 votes.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino revealed the final verdict live on social media after congratulating both bids for their ‘’remarkable work’’ during the process.

Brazil and Japan wanted to stage the tournament before they withdrew their application.

The Brazil Football Confederation (CBF) said the current economic situation, fuelled by the coronavirus pandemic led to them withdrawing.

“FFA and NZF would like to thank the FIFA Council for their landmark decision, which will see the two countries host a tournament of firsts ─ the first ever co-confederation hosted FIFA World Cup, the first ever FIFA Women’s World Cup to be held in the Asia-Pacific region, and the first ever to be held in the southern hemisphere,” the FFA and NZF said in a statement after the announcement.

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