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In most countries across the World, lockdown measures are still in place – whether large or small.

In New Zealand, life is back to normal. There are no active coronavirus cases and the restrictions have been lifted.

Measures however remain at the border points.    

New Zealand went into a strict lockdown towards the end of March. Schools and businesses shut and people were told to stay at home.

After weeks of declining cases, the measures started being relaxed.

In more than two weeks, no new cases have been reported.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters that she danced a little when she was told that there were no more active cases.

The country recorded 1,154 coronavirus cases with the virus claiming 22 lives.

She has urged the people to remain careful because it was likely that at some point infections would occur.

All schools and workplaces can now reopen. The people will also be allowed to attend funerals and weddings.

Public transport can now resume operations and social distancing is no longer required.

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