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Recently, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) conducted a survey with the objective of assessing the impact of Covid-19 on housing, health, transport and labour market.

The survey was implemented using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) technique which means that the interviews were conducted through the phone.


  • Overall, there has been a 51.7 per cent increase in the cost of transportation
  • Nine out of ten persons who were absent from work due to stay away or lock-down were not sure when they would be returning to work.
  • That 21.5% of the households in Kenya were not able to pay rent on the dates agreed with landlords for the month of April 2020;
  • 7% of the households received a relief from their landlords for the Month of April 2020;
  • 17 % of those surveyed indicated that at least 1 member of their household had a pre-existing medical condition;
  • Almost 99.4% of adults interviewed had heard about Covid-19 where 82% received the information from radio while 63.3% received the information from Television;
  • At least 57.9% of the households have members who attend learning institutions and home schooling was reported as the a coping mechanism used by 42.8% of the households;

The National Treasury is planning to implement the outcomes of the survey in six waves up to July 2021.


Sharing is Caring:

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