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Former Inter Head Coach Gigi Simoni, who led a Ronaldo-inspired team to win UEFA Cup in 1998, has died at the age of 81.

His death was announced by Inter on Friday, the day the club marked 10 years since their Serie A, Champions League and Coppa Italia treble.

Simoni set a record by leading 7 serie B teams to promotion to the Italian top flight.

He suffered a stroke in June 2019 from which he never fully recovered. He was taken to hospital when his health began to deteriorate shortly before his death.

Inter’s statement on Friday read: ‘’Today, 22 May, he left us, not just any date, the most inter-related date of all.

‘’We remember Gigi Simoni and will miss everything about him. First and foremost, his gentlemanly way of being. His way of living, both in life and in football, was never over the top. His football reflected that: it was humble, functional and capable of making the most of what he had on offer.’’

‘’The world of football has lost a great coach and a wonderful person.

‘’This is how we remember him: with his white hair in the dugout, while he enjoyed the magic of Ronaldo with a smile on his face, enveloped by the fans’ affection. Farewell Gigi, we’ll miss you.’’

Lazio and Napoli were among the clubs that offered condolences to Simoni’s family.

The other teams that Simoni managed are Cremonese, Napoli, Piacenza, Torino, CSKA Sofia, Ancona, Siena, Lucchese and Gubbio.

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