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A study by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) reveals that at least 21.5% of Kenyan households defaulted on their April rent. The study was published on Tuesday, 19th May.

The study also reveals that a third of Kenyan households (30.5) did not pay their April rent on time as agreed with their landlords.

The study, titled Survey on Social Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Households Report found out that reduced income was the main reason for the household’s inability to pay rent.

Despite calls from the president for landlords to be humane, only 8.7 percent of the households received rent waivers from their landlords according to the report.

Besides defaulting on their rents, Kenyans also had to deal with increased transportation costs.

The transportation costs shot up by 51.7%. Migori County had the highest increase (77.2%) while Turkana County recorded the least (24.4%).

The study also reveals that education and food and accommodation sectors are the worst affected as workers registered a variance of 40 and 30 hours between their usual and actual hours worked.

Over 90% of Kenyans who participated in the study say they’re unsure when they’ll resume work.
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