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Bandari FC will not effect pay cuts on the wages of their players despite the coronavirus pandemic and prolonged lack of football.

There have been fears that the club’s leadership could effect pay cuts due to lack of football action caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Twaha Mubarak, a member of the club’s Board of Trustees has assured that no pay cut will be effected on players pay slips.

The KPL was suspended in March to combat the spread of Covid-19.

‘’I just want to guarantee my players that they will be paid in full even in this difficult time of Corona pandemic. All this time we’ve not been playing, every player has been earning as usual and we’ll make sure this is the case even with our other staff.’’ Said Twaha.

Twaha also urged the players to adhere to the government’s guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

‘’I understand that they are eager to get onto the pitch again but the most important thing right now is to make sure they follow the guidelines, we want them to be safe with their families. This should not even be an option.’’ He cautioned.

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