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Augsburg boss Heiko Herrlich will miss the Bundesliga restart after breaking quarantine rules by leaving the team hotel to buy toothpaste.

Herrlich confirmed the news in a news conference on Thursday.

Speaking at a video conference, he said: ‘’I have no toothpaste and then I went to a supermarket.’’

The German Bundesliga is set to resume this weekend. All the teams preparing for the Bundesliga to restart have been in quarantine.

‘’I made a mistake by leaving the hotel,’’ Herrlich said in a statement.

‘’Even though I have followed all hygiene measures both when leaving the hotel and otherwise, I cannot undo this. In this situation, I was not able to act as a role model for my team and the public.

‘’I will therefore be consistent and stand by my mistake. Because of this misconduct, I will not be leading the training on Friday and I will not be in charge of the team against Wolfsburg on Saturday.’’

Augsburg sit 14th in the Bundesliga table, 5 points above the relegation zone.

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