Sharing is Caring

Closing schools and businesses, cancelling sporting events and staying at home. Asking people to stay at home is buying time and reducing the pressure on health systems. More precise and targeted measures are needed to safe time.

Instead of focusing on lock downs, WHO recommends that countries should expand and train healthcare workers.

Identify adapt key facilities which will be used to isolate and treat patients. Refocus the whole of government on suppressing and controlling the spread of Covid-19. Aggressive measures are the best ways to prevent them.

More than 150 countries and territories have less than 100 confirmed cases. These countries have a chance to prevent further transmission.

Global Humanitarian appeal to support poor countries with weaker healthcare system to manage the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

WHO is grateful to more than 200,000 people and organizations which has contributed to the management of COVID-19.

Older people carry the collection wisdom of our societies but they are at more risk of suffering from COVID-19. We need to work together to make sure that their needs are met in terms of food and medicine.

We need to check on the older people more often through use of communication platforms such as mobile phones among others.




Sharing is Caring:

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