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The government of Ethiopia has made a decision to shut down their borders as one of the actions to control the spread of COVID-19. 

This action was announced by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. This action will affect both the movement of goods and people. 

However, despite the border closure, goods such as medical supplies and fuel will be allowed. 

The Prime Minister noted that the public is not effectively putting into action the social distancing measures. Therefore, the security forces will be used to enforce the ban on social gatherings and social distancing measures. 

According to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health, the country currently has 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19. That is one British Diplomat, 4 Japanese, 1 Austrian and 5 Ethiopians. 

Thank you for reading the covid-19 global cases. Remember to regularly clean your hands with soap, and practice social distancing directive to the letter. 


Sharing is Caring:

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