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In many countries where the coronavirus has broken out and people tested positive, there is a likelihood that people are working from home. 

Kenya is one such a country where the government has asked those who can to work from home. 

The experience is not new for me because for the last three months I’ve been working from home. 

I like the fact that I can attend to family affairs such as taking the children to school or picking them in the evening. There is a flexible schedule working from home. To me what is important is that you are able to deliver on the set objectives at work. 


While working from home, I do not spend a coin commuting unless I’m heading to a meeting in the city. However, right now I do not leave the house due to the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19. 

Secondly, I like the flexibility of working from home. I am able to deliver more results because I’ve more time on my hands. 

Third, when working from home you have more time to attend to the family needs such as taking the kids to school every morning and picking the every evening. It is super interesting in that context. 


There is a likelihood of overworking because you always have your computer and there is internet at home. This calls for discipline. 

Finally, residential areas experience power outages more often than the commercial areas where offices are located. For instance, as I write this article there is no electric power at home. This what I do not like most.

High cost of internet: Just like in many parts of Africa, internet is super expensive in Kenya. Therefore, working from home can drain your financially. 

Intermittent access to internet: For the time that I’ve worked from home, I’ve discovered that access to internet is not consistent in all areas. There are places where accessing internet network is not a guarantee. In other places it is slow and in others there is no internet at all. 

Those are some of the factors that you need to consider as you plan to start working from home even in the face of the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19. 




Sharing is Caring:
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