Sharing is Caring

As we pointed out yesterday, there is plenty of food in the world to have everyone well fed. In the contrary, that is not always the case. The food distribution systems are not working properly as they are supposed to. 

Under the international law, all states have the obligation to ensure that “every man, woman and child alone or in community with others, has physical and economic access to adequate food or means for its procurement.”

One of the basic obligations of states under the right to food is to ensure that they do not starve those directly under their control. A good example is those incarcerated in prisons. 

The United Nations Human Rights Committee is very clear that when the state arrests and detains people, they assume direct responsibility for caring for the lives of prisoners through providing food, adequate healthcare, food and good living conditions. 

Human rights standards also call for gender -sensitive when handling prisoners right to food. For example the state should provide for the needs of pregnant women during confinement as well as after giving birth. 



Sharing is Caring:
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