Sharing is Caring

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou. 

Since I love short story telling, let me take this chance to re-tell the following story as narrated by Rabbi Hanokh: 

There was once a man who was very stupid. When he got up in the morning it was so hard for him to find his clothes that at night he almost hesitated to go to bed for thinking of the trouble he would have on waking. One evening he finally made a great effort, took paper and pencil and as he undressed noted down exactly where he put everything he had on. The next morning, very well pleased with himself, he took the slip of paper in his hand and read: ‘cap’ – there it was, he set it on his head; ‘pants’ – there they lay, he got into them; and so it went until he was fully dressed. ‘That’s all very well, but now where am I myself?’ he asked in great consternation. 

‘Where in the world am I?’ He looked and looked,’ And that is how it is with us,’ Said the rabbi. 

Sharing is Caring:
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