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A 61-year old man has been reported dead from a strange disease caused by a virus in Wuhan, China. 

At least 41 other people have been tested and were found to have the virus of the strange disease according to reports released by Chinese State media. 

The disease is caused by coronavirus as per the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. 

The disease is dreaded because it has similar symptoms as those of Sars. 

The authority further stated that those affected were mainly vendors in a local seafood market. 

It is unfortunate that this outbreak is happening during the celebrations of Chinese lunar year holidays. These celebrations are expected to see a flood of visitors arriving in China or traveling aboard to be with family. 

It is estimated that  440 trips will be made through rail while 79 million trips will take place through air transport. This situation may complicate the situation further. 

As an intervention, Chinese authorities will increase checks at all the existing boarder points such as sea and air ports and railway stations. 

Sharing is Caring:

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