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The Collins English Dictionary defines oxymoron as “figure of speech that contains two contradicting ideas such as cruel kindness.” It’s my sincere hope that the definition of the term oxymoron is clear and now we can proceed to the work at hand in revealing that Strategic Planning is another example of oxymoron.
A number of people believe that strategic planning is an oxymoron because it is a combination of terms which are contradicting each other. Let’s dive into it a little bit. First, strategy is the overall guidance under which most businesses operate- the what. While, planning focuses on resources, activities and timelines which are organized in order to meet specific objectives set by the organization or the how. Hence the two terms when put together to form strategic planning they create an oxymoron.
Elsewhere, many people including Lisa Anderson through her blog have attempt to show the world how strategic planning is an oxymoron.
Scholars agree that a good strategy should always be clear. That means, it should not be ambiguous in any manner. It should not be vague. Every one who comes across the strategy should be able to interpret on its meaning.
The second key feature of a good strategy is that the members of a particular organization should clearly understand the strategy. That way the company will be able to execute the strategy naturally.
It is important to review organization strategy on a regular basis. This is the way towards achieving that strategy which is agreed upon.



Collins English Dictionary

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