Sharing is Caring

Public participation is now a buzz word in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa which in one way or the other have laws which makes public participation an important component in policy formulation, implementation and oversight. With the promulgation of progressive constitutions, now it is compulsory for the state to conduct public participation before an plans, laws, regulations and budgets are approved.
In the same breath, this article covers the importance of participatory planning in organizations.

a) Facilitates local empowerment for particular groups such as People with Disability and women;

b) Encourages initiative as well as responsibility
c) Creates greater commitment and ability when people participate in the planning process;

d) The outcome of participatory planning at the organization level is high quality plans this is because the world has become highly dynamic and therefore requires constant planning as well as re-planning;

e) Innovations: Participatory planning gives birth to innovations because people with diverse ideas are brought to the planning table;

Sharing is Caring:

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