Sharing is Caring

As you read this article, you are part of a movement which is turning a dream into reality. I am part of a team of like-minded people who are in the process of building one of the most trafficked website in the world. We must state that it will take a lot of sweat, blood and tears.

We are prepared by all means to dedicate extra hours working hours, wake up before dawn and sleeping late every single day to ensure that this happens. 

I particularly work for 8 hours a day in defending human rights during the day and then spend my free time building this noble website. This is a daily routine just like breathing.

Our objective is to have at least 1,000 people working for website in various capacities by 2030. Secondly, we aim to attract millions of readers and users to this website by offering high quality content every single day. 

We promise to offer a variety of view points and very informed conclusions to help you our readers make informed decisions in life. 

We are building a content producing dragon which runs on its own. It is a huge content house which will quench the thirst for news and fresh content.

For 7 years, I have been dreaming that one day people will find plenty of value on this website. 

As the the editor-in-chief, I promise you of great value every time we post new content. Our writers are well trained and they are after creating change through their real and  relatable stories. We aim to write stories which are educative and entertaining.

We are slowly building a work culture which is different from that of our competitors. We encourage our writers to create content which they believe in.

As the editor-in-chief, I promise to present to you great stories on public policy, public finance and sports among other topics. We discuss the inner workings of the economy from various angles.

We write and schedule for publication great stories a head of time to ensure that your taste buds are well catered for and that your thirst is quenched.

Considering that we live under stressful economic times, we will use this website as a platform to educate you on how to earn a living  (make money) and provide for your family and other dependents. 

Keep tuned for more content!!!!

Sharing is Caring:

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