Sharing is Caring

Last night I set my alarm to ring at exactly 5:40 am to enable me get to college in time for a Continuous Assessment Test (CAT). 

The alarm rang as expected but I snoozed it off. Then I decided to take a nap and wake up 10 minutes later. This never happened as planned. 

I woke up at 6:30 am! Too late to get to college which is located some 60 kilometers away. 

I arrived late at 8:35 am and found others were nearly completing answering the Continuous Assessment Test questions. 

However, being a strong-willed person, this did not discourage me. I was well prepared for this eventuality.  I worked on the Continuous Assessment Test like crazy. 

I did not waste time on writing my name, unit code, department or student registration. 

I dived directly into the gist of the matter – writing the answers for the questions asked by the professor. I left my personal details for the tail end of the academic exercise. 

Here in Kenya, we take the lemons that life gives us and convert them into lemonade. 

Do the same with your own life.  



Sharing is Caring:

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