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For the first time in Africa, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been used in a domestic match. This happened in Morocco yesterday.

Morocco Football Federation confirmed that the Video Assistant Referee would be used for the first time in a local competition on Saturday.

The VAR played part in the first semifinal between Difaa El Jadida and TAS Casablanca in a local competition where a 120th minute penalty was decided through the technology. The decision to award the penalty was checked by VAR. TAS Casablanca won 1-0.

The VAR was also used in the second semifinal between Hassania Agadir and Maghreb Atletico Tetwan. A committee from the International Football Federation Board (IFAB) had earlier visited the Marrakech Stadium to check the VAR set up.

VAR was used in Africa in the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt as from the quarter final stages.

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