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I school in India has been forced to apologize after photos of students wearing cardboard boxes on their heads to prevent cheating went viral. 

Bhagat Pre-University College based in Haveri, in Karnataka state, implemented the wearing of boxes as a trial run of the new measure to curb exam cheating. 

To enable the student to see their exam sheets and their desks, the front section of the cardboard boxes were cut but this restricts their vision and would be easy to see any student attempting to sneak on the neighbors. 

A staff member at the college posted the photos on Facebook and they immediately went viral attracting criticism from various people including the state Minister for Education Suresh Kumar who said that it was “unacceptable.” 

The school has so far provided a written apology for the trial. 

CNN reported that the school had experienced many cases of exam cheating last year and as a result the administration in collaboration with parents decided to try new ways of curbing cheating. 



Sharing is Caring:

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