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Sony Sugar FC failed to turn up yesterday for their Kenya Premier League Match against Tusker FC at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. The game was scheduled to kick off at 10AM. Tusker FC were given a walkover and bagged the three points.

It is the second time this season that Sony Sugar have failed to turn up for their Kenya Premier League match. They also failed to honor a home fixture against AFC Leopards on 5th October 2019 at the Awendo Green Stadium. AFC Leopards were also awarded three points.

It is believed to be financial constraints that are behind Sony Sugar FC failing to honor their matches. Sony Sugar FC players have gone for a while without pay and their official sponsors Quantdragon from Hong Kong have failed to honour their contractual obligations.

Chemelil FC also failed to turn up for their KPL match against Bandari FC at Mbaraki Sports in Mombasa. Chemelil FC is one of the five Kenyan Football clubs to have asked the league organizers to postpone the League due to financial constraints.

Referee Felix Ekai called the match after Chemelil FC failed to turn up for the pre match and the match respectively. Three points were awarded to Bandari FC.

This comes after a calls to have the KPL suspended. The KPL CEO Jack Oguda has pleaded with the Kenyan government to step in and provide financial assistance,

‘’We would like to formally plead with the government to step in and provide a short term financial solution to facilitate the smooth running of the league. Notably, some of the teams are actually struggling to honor both local and international matches whilst the players and officials risk losing their employment,’’ Jack Oguda said in a statement.


Sharing is Caring:

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