Financing of James Gichuru Rironi Road project in Nairobi

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Most public development projects are either financed by Government of Kenya (GoK) or loans and grants from donors. This is not different for James Gichuru Rironi Road Project. 

The James Gichuru Rironi Road Project is a 26 kilometer stretch which is expected to cost Ksh. 4.6 billion to complete out of which initial information shows that foreign funding was pegged at Ksh. 126 million while Government of Kenya is expected to contribute Ksh. 4.5 billion.

The latest sector reports for Energy, ICT and Infrastructure (EII) on James Gichuru Rironi Road Project indicate that up to 30th June, 2016 a total of Ksh. 119 million had been paid from public coffers for the road construction. 

In Financial Year 2016/2017, the national government allocated Ksh. 60 million towards James Gichuru Rironi Road Project. 

As at 30th June, 2017 the cummulative expenditure on the road or the actual amount paid out since the project started was Ksh. 203 million according to sector reports. 

FY 2017/2018

In FY 2017/2018, unnamed foreign donors provided Ksh. 1.2 billion for the project while the government of Kenya set aside Ksh. 187 million for the Road.  The total amount paid out towards the construction of James Gichuru Rironi Road Project was Ksh. 2.9 billion as at 30th June, 2018.

As at that date, James Gichuru Rironi Road Project was only 4% complete. 

This is an ongoing project and we will keep you posted with new data and information. 

Watch the video below on James Gichuru Rironi Road Project for additional details: 






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