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The race to set a world record of running 42 kilometers marathon in 1:59:59 is being attempted today.

This is happening in Vienna, Austria which is reported to have the same weather as that of Kenya’s Rift Valley where Eliud trains regularly to become the world champion that he is.

Basically in this race, Eliud is racing against time and not against any competitors. The people with him are called pace-makers. Their work is to set the pace for Eliud Kipchoge.

There were two sets of pacemakers accompanying the world marathon champion. The first team dropped out and paved way for another team which I presume was more energetic and invigorated.


The vests of Eliud and his pacemakers had “INEOS” clearly labelled on them. This is the company which is financing the marathon. The company is owned by one of the richest man in United Kingdom (UK).

There are seven pacemakers at any one moment to motivate Eliud Kipchoge to push on to the end to see whether he will break the world record. If he manages, then he will enter into the Guinness World records for running 45 kilometers marathon in less than 2 hours.

Apart from the pacemakers there are some people on bicycles fixed with some electronic devices presumably monitoring the progress of this historical race.

The streets of Vienna along the Marathon route are crowded with over 23,000 fans of Eliud Kipchoge.

The advertisements along Vienna are sprayed with advertisements of the sponsoring company, Ineos.

The race is dominated by pre-dominantly black men who seem indefatigable. One of the pacemakers just dropped out after one hour of racing with Eliud.  

Outside the tracks are fans of Eliud on bicycles racing against the world champion.

The commentators are confident that Eliud will succeed in breaking his own world record considering this is his lifestyle. It is what he does every single day.

The speed of this race is quite breath-taking. Pacemakers are made up of 15 Kenyans, 1 Japanese, 6 Ugandans among others. These are world class athletes who are running with him.

Use of technology

In addition to the pace makers, there is a green raser car is the standard which guides the race if Eliud is to break the set record.


There is a super motorbike with a camera man recording the event from behind Eliud and his pacemakers.

There are also cameras from the front. Most probably in the vehicles guiding them. There are also some parts of the video footage which has been done using drones.

Eliud Kipchoge won 

In 1 hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds Mr. Eliud Kipchoge completed the 45 kilometer Marathon in Vienna, Austria.

This is a world record which has never been broken by anyone! Congratulation Mr. Eliud Kipchoge. 

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