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A radio station in Liberia has been shut down by President George Weah for criticizing him. 

Roots FM was shut down by the government of Liberia on 10 October. 

The radio station is owned by Henry Costa who is one of the leaders who organized anti-government protest which brought to a stand still many areas of Monrovia (Liberia’s capital city). This happened on June 17. 

Roots FM was surrounded by police riot unit on Thursday morning. It was not possible for employees to move in or out of the station. The police also fired teargas canisters at the fans of Roots FM. 

“They have begun criminal acts of extortion and blackmail. They use their media to spread inflammatory messages against Liberian citizens, and engage in incitement.

“Beginning today there will be no public demonstration that is not … sanctioned by the government of Liberia,” Cyrinus Cephus  (Solicitor General)told a press conference.

Sharing is Caring:

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