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The conference on mining, oil and gas 2019 edition is ongoing at Safari Park. The goal of this conference is to “promote dialogue and action towards an accountable and sustainable extraction for improved livelihoods of local communities in areas with active mining oil and gas.”

Below are some photo stories: 

Photo: Principal Secretary John Omenge speaking at the 2019 conference on mining, oil and gas. The PS noted that Kenya made KES 30 billion in external sales from mining in 2018. This amount includes cement levy but no domestic sales of sand and building stones. Out of the total external sales, Base Titanium Limited contributed 65% of the total sales for the year. This is the largest mining operation in Kenya. The national government should hurry up the process of making sure that the communities and county governments get their share of royalties. 
Photo: Panelists making their contributions

Photo: Gideon Masyuki of Bwiti Kwale County raising questions about the formula of sharing royalties. 



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Photo: Rodgers from Nyakach asking questions about environmental Impact Assessment
Sharing is Caring:

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