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On November 2018, we conducted a GIS mapping of stalled projects in informal settlements of Kisumu County in places such as Obunga, Nyalenda and Kibos among others. 

We identified projects such as Kibos ECDE center, Dunga Health Center and Komakowa road among others. 

According to Google Earth, Kibos ECDE Center was established in 2013 among the first projects under devolution. 

By Nov 2018, the project had reached the mid-way and no roofing and windows. This means that 5 years after the construction of the ECDE center was started, it was still stalled. 

Progress so far: 

Photo: After 5 years of stalling, we’re happy that Kibos ECDE roofing has been completed.
Photo: Current status of Kibos ECDE. There is a long way to go considering that a standard ECDE should have an office for ECDE teachers, kitchen, pit latrines/toilets, playing equipment, learning materials, chairs and tables among others.  

Sharing is Caring:

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