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Nigerians are being repatriated to their home country following xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

However, a flight from South Africa’s commercial city of Jo-burg was delayed following challenges faced at the check-in.

The first flight carrying Nigerians was expected to depart South Africa on Wednesday at 9:10 am but this did not happen as planned because a number of Nigerian travelers were identified as having problems with immigration.

Prince Ben Okoli, the President of Nigerian Citizens Association in South Africa, spoke to media at 3:30 PM confirming reports of the flight delays.

The evacuation process is being conducted after Air Peace offered to help Nigerians get back home. The flight was initially planned to take place in Sep 7 but it was postponed to allow those whose travel documents had expired to renew them.

According to Okoli, Nigerian Consul-general had promised to provide travel documents at no charge for those who did not have the travel documents.

After the maiden flight carrying 313 Nigerians out of Johannesburg, other flights will be organized to help Nigerian nationals who were in distress due to xenophobia.

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