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Yesterday at Gatui Catholic Church in Muranga chaos erupted between the Kiharu Member of Parliament and nominated MP Maina Kamanda. The two and their supporters clashed in church over who should invite other leaders to speak.

This is alleged to have emanated from  the competition between TangaTanga and Kieleweke teams. 

What would Jesus do? Probably whip all of them especially the priest for turning God’s house into a den of conmen,” wrote Kelvin Ngari on Twitter. 

Maina Kamanda is a Kieleweke team member while Ndindi Nyoro is a Tangatanga member. 

Cardinal Njue warned priests against this vice of inviting these shenanigans to the alter, regardless of the occasion and who’s attendance. They are addicted to crowds and can’t help but politic. The Gitui priest went against this directive and alas, thunder strikes! – Tweeted Evans Mugi 

 Nation Media shared a viral video of the two Members of parliament and their supporters engaging is a scuffle. There was a shouting match and physical confrontation.

The event was attended by at least 20 MPs.  

Sharing is Caring:

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