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Director Joel Schumacher was a Hollywood filmmaker who directed films such as “Batman forever” among others. 

It is now clear that the director was not making films only.  He recently told Vulture that he has had sex with up to 20,000 partners. 

“I’ve had sex with famous people, and I’ve had sex with married people, and they go to the grave,” Joel said during his recent interview.

“I’ve never kissed and told about anybody who gives me the favor of sharing a bed with me.” 

Joel was surprised when he tested negative for HIV/AIDs after it broke out in the 1980s. 

He said that even if he used condoms, they would burst and expose him. 

Numerous people he loved or admired died and he had to take drugs as a way of dealing with the loss. 

Joel has now joined the company of Wilt Chamberlain, a basket star, who made a similar claim of having slept with 20,000 different women as reported in Student Life







Sharing is Caring:

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