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Donald Trump suggests that he will hold G7 summit at his Miami Golf Course

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Donald Trump suggests that he will hold G7 summit at his Miami Golf Course

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has suggested that he will be happy to host the G7 members at his golf course in Miami, Trump National Doral.

 He made this announcement from the French coastal city of Biarritz. 

The leaders of G7 countries take it in turns to host the summit at places which shows off the natural beauty of the venues. 

Donald Trump drummed support  for his golf course suggesting that it is just 5 minutes drive from Miami Airport. 

He told the world leaders that all the previous locations in Canada, France and Italy cannot compete with his golf course resort more especially when it comes to location. 

Huffington Post reported that in the past location of G7 summit, it was not possible for Donald Trump to use his Air force One. Instead he was forced to use a smaller plane or helicopter. 

Trump said positive words about France’s choice of venue at Biarritz considering that it overlooks the Atlantic. However, he was not happy that he had to change planes to get there. 

Trump promised that unlike France, USA will not allow surprise visitors to attend the planned G7 meeting in the USA. He was referring to the fact that France allowed Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran’s Foreign Minister) to attend the meeting and even held talks on the sidelines. 



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