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Introduction to Siaya County


This article is about Siaya County integrated development plan. The law requires that all county governments must formulate their five-year plans.  

Siaya County government is headed by Cornel Rasanga as the Governor who is deputized by George Okode. Siya County is one of the six counties in the Nyanza region.

The Siaya County covers a land area approximated to be 2,530 square kilometers. There are 6 sub-counties and 30 wards in Siaya County. These are: Bondo, Gem, Alego Usonga, Ugenya, Ugunja and Rarieda.

Alego Usonga is the largest with an area of 605.8 square kilometers (nearly the same size as Nairobi Narobi). Ugunja is the smallest having a size of 200 square kilometers.


In 2009, Siaya County had a population of 842,304 people. The population is projected to be a total of 1,285,971 people by the year 2022.


There are three (3) main airstrips in Siaya County. That is: Gombe, Sega and Dominion. However, there is no airport in the county since it is served by Kisumu International Airport which is located just 75 kilometers from Siaya town center.


Siaya County integrated development plan 2018 to 2022 has indicated that rent in Siaya County ranges from Ksh. 1,000 for a single room to Ksh. 12,000 for a three bed-roomed house.

Museums and cultural Sites in Siaya County

Siaya County is a host of many cultural sites. These are:

  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Mausoleum and Museum
  • Ramogi Hills- Ramogi was the father of the Luo people and he is said to have settled on Ramogi Hills when he migrated to Kenya from Sudan.
  • Achieng Oneko Mausoleum: This mausoleum was built by the national government in honor of Achieng Oneko who was a journalist, politician and freedom fighter. He was famous and one of the “Kapenguria 6.”
  • Mageta Island Colonial Cells: This was used by colonial masters as a detention prison

That is a summary of the contents in Siaya County integrated development plan 2018-2022. 

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