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How to submit google xml sitemap (step-by-step)

This articles aims at showing you how to submit XML sitemap  to Google search engine. It is step-by-step and we hope you will enjoy learning and taking action afterwards. 

Step 1

Go to Google search engine 

Step 2 

Search for 

Step 3 

Key in your website or blog URL 

Step 4 

Upload the XML sitemap into the domain root folder of your website; 

Step 5

Go to the to check whether you have done it successfully. 

That is now. 

Submit XML sitemap to Google search console 

Step 1: Search for Google Search Console 

Step 2: Verify that you own the URL domain by following prompts 

Step 3: create a google html file by following the steps given on the google console; 

Step 4: upload the html file on your website root domain 


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