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Boris Johnson is the new UK Prime Minister

The in tray is already full for Boris Johnson. Brexit is on top of the agenda. 

Remember Boris Johnson’s predecessor, Teresa May, failed terribly on this matter.

Book author 

Boris Johnson is famous as a journalist, author and historian. He has penned a number of books among them is a list below: 

  • Lend me your ears 
  • Have I Got Views for You
  • Dream of Rome 
  • The Churchill  Factor 
  • Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius 
  • Seventy Two Virgins 
  • Lend me your ears 
  • Life in the Fast Lane: The Johnson Guide for Cars 
  • The Spirit of London
  • Aspire Ever Higher 
  • The London Games in Motion 
  • The Perils of Pushy Parents 
  • Winston Churchill at the Telegraph 
  • 101 Fruitcake Quotes of Boris Johnson
  • Just Boris: A tale of Blonde Ambition 

Boris Johnson Net-worth 

Boris Johnson’s net-worth is estimated to be USD$2 million according to Daily Mail newspaper

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