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Esther Arunga to be sentenced on Thursday over giving false information to Australian police

Ex-anchor at Kenya Television Network (KTN) Esther Arunga has made confessions in regards to the death of her son Sinclair Timberlake in 2014.

It was reported that Quincy Timberlake had killed Sinclair in the name of exorcising demons from him. As a result he banged him against the wall. 

Esther Arunga falsely claimed that Sinclair had fallen down the stairs. 

Australian police have found out that the story about “falling down the stairs” was false. 

The ex-anchor has now admitted that she had lied to protect her husband from the long arm of the law. 

It is sad the Quincy Timberlake believed that his son had an evil demon in his stomach and hence he hit him on the stomach with an intention of removing that demon.

The court was also informed by the prosecutor that the boy had “straight line cut marks” on his forehead as well as on the cheeks and it was noted that the marks were made using either a razor blade or a knife. 

Esther Arunga will be sentenced on Thursday.

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