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Nairobians, are we in Winter?

Nairobi City is a place of low tempratures in the month of July. For many years, the entire of July is a very cold month in Nairobi and its environs. However, it cannot get as cold as Nyahururu and Limuru. These two counties are the undisputed champions of very cold places in Kenya (in my own opinion). The mornings in the two counties are characterized by dense mist and biting cold. 

Currently, Nairobi City is usually chilly and it often rains either in the morning or late afternoon. I vividly remember the second time I arrived in Nairobi City. This was way back in 2007, a year after completing my high school education. I was confronted by brutal cold especially on July that year. 

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The subsequent times I became a regular resident in the city.  I stayed in the city for four years as a college student studying economics and Statistics and later working. 

Studying in Nairobi was one of my biggest ambition when I was just a villager. I wanted to be admitted to any public university within the capital city. That is how I ended up in the city back those days. 

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