Kakamega County Integrated Development Plan 2018-2022

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Kakamega County Integrated  Development Plan 2018-2022

1.0 Background to Kakamega County 

Land Area: 3,051.3 square kilometers

Population: According to 2009 Census Report, Kakamega had a population of 1,660,651 people. Projected to be growing at a rate of 2.5%. The current population is currently projected to be 2,079,669 people by 2018. It is the second most populous county after Nairobi.

Administrative Units  

There are 12 sub-counties; 60 wards; 187 village units;

12 constituencies;

Sub-counties: Likuyani, Lugari, Malava, Navakholo, Lurambi, Ikolomani, Shinyalu, Mumias East, Mumias West, Matungu, Butere and Khwisero Sub-county;


Kakamega County is the home of Wanga Kingdom which is associated with Nabongo Mumia (Royal Family). The only historical Kingdom in Kenya. The Kingdom has their shrine in Mumias a place called Matungu.

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The Nabongo the Great was the great King of Wanga who ruled between 1888 – 1949. Therefore, he ruled for 61 years and during his time the Wanga Kingdom reached its peak. Wanga Kingdom Collaborated with the British and Arabs. He was made a paramount chief in 1909. Through this collaboration, they capture the non-Wanga people such as Luos and Bukusus and sold them as slaves. Nabongo Mumia died on April 24, 1949 leaving behind 109 sons, 60 daughters, and 400 grandchildren. 


  • From FY 2013/2014 – 2017/2018 Kakamega County spent Ksh. 48.6 billion out of which Ksh. 43 billion was received as equitable share and Ksh. 2.5 billion was Own Source of Revenue and Ksh. 3 billion was received as conditional grants;
  • Actual expenditure during the period under focus was Ksh. 34 billion;

3.0 Achievements from Kakamega County Integrated Development Plan 2013/2014 to 2017/2018:

  • One Cow Initiative – 1,310 in-calf dairy cows have been distributed to households targeting at least 20 households per ward;
  • Tea development – 400,000 Seedlings were distributed to farmers in Shinyalu, Ikolomani and Khwisero Sub-counties for infilling and a 150,000 Tea seedlings nursery established at Bukura ATC. License for establishment of a tea factory has been acquired and construction of the factory is underway;

3.1 Transport, Infrastructure, Public Works and Energy

  • 85 Km of gravel roads upgraded to bitumen standards

3.2 Health Services Sector 

  • Construction of Kakamega County Teaching and Referral Hospital underway;
  • Construction of two new level 4 hospitals at Shamakhubu in Shinyalu and Mumias Town underway;
  • Recruited 582 health workers including 35 Doctors, 452 nurses, 50 clinical officers, 20 pharmaceutical technicians, 20 laboratory technicians and 5 radiographers and equipped all level four hospitals with specialized equipment;
  • Purchased 3 ambulances and contracted Red Cross to provide an additional 9 ambulance services;
  • There is regular supply of drugs and medical consumables in all public health facilities.

3.3 Education Science and Technology

  • Employed 1,901 ECDE teachers and 12 Programme Officers;
  • Constructed 414 ECDE classrooms;
  • There are 1,943 ECDE centers in the County, of which 924 are supported by County.
  • Established a County Higher Education Loans Scheme administered by Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) which has benefited 1,235 students;
  • Established a County University Education Scholarship Scheme which has benefited 25 students to study in local and foreign universities of their choice;

3.4 Water, Environment and Natural Resources

  • Increased County Tree cover by planting over 430,000 trees in public institutions, hill tops and river banks.

3.5 Social Services, Youth and Sports

  • Upgrading and refurbishment of Bukhungu Stadium to international standards (phase 1 complete);
  • Constructed 720 low cost housing units for the elderly and vulnerable under the Shelter Improvement Programme, 12 units per ward;
  • 693 boda boda riders have been trained and issued with driving licenses;

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  • Renovated Nabongo cultural centre, traditional homesteads at Mumias cultural centre, renovated and furnished Mumias Multi-purpose Hall at the Mumias Cultural Centre;

3.6 Public Service and Administration

  • A Kituo Cha Umma has been established as a one stop shop for all County government services;
  • Constructed police houses (8 units) for Matunda Police Station, purchased four (4) land cruisers and two (2) traffic control cars for Kenya Police;
  • Acquired 1 modern fire engine;

4.0 Projects for Kakamega County Integrated Development Plan 2018- 2022

The total resources required for implementing the projects and programmes identified in this plan for the next five year period is KES 103,158,000,000 the total revenue the government projects to raise is KES 67,897,740,439. There is thus a resource gap of KES 35,260,259,561.

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4.1 Measures to address the Resource Gap:

  1. Kakamega Tax Collection Agency
  2. Automation
  3. Revenue potency study – Consultant already identified;
  4. Revenue clinics to sensitize taxpayers on importance of compliance;

4.2 Health Services Sector 

  • Upgrading of Khwisero Health Centre to Level IV Hospital (%) = Ksh. 140 million; 
  • Upgrading of Shianda Health Centre to Level IV Hospital 
  • No of new dispensaries constructed – 17 at a cost of Ksh. 85 m
  • Two ICUs to be constructed at a cost of Ksh. 60 m
  • Five morgues to be constructed in 5 years under focus; 
  • 70 million to be allocated for jigger treatment in Kakamega County ;

4.3 Education Sector 

  • Spend Ksh. 1 billion on construction of ECDE classrooms;
  • Tablets provided to ECDE children = Ksh. 120 m

4.4 Youth, Social and Sports

  • 320 million to be spent on shelter improvement housing units constructed;
  • 30 million to support people living with Disability;
  • 10 million to rehabilitate street children;
  • 35 m to train boda boda riders;
  • 1.5 billion to be spent on constructing a swimming pool and complete Kakamega County Bukhungu Stadium;
  • 350 m for sports tournaments;
  • 80 m for expansion of Kakamega Library;

4.5 Trade, Industrialization and Tourism

  • Ksh. 400 m for construction of open air markets;
  • Ksh. 500 m to be spent on establishment of Micro-finance Corporation
  • Ksh. 200 m to establish investment corporation;
  • Ksh. 50 million to develop bull fighting arenas;
  • Ksh. 300 m to be invested on maize, dairy and tea factories;

4.6 Water, Environment and Natural Resources

  • Ksh. 216 m to protect water springs;
  • Spend Ksh. 500 m on Completion of stalled Maraba Sewerage pond (%);
  • Ksh. 100 m on Expansion and maintenance of existing sewerage ponds at MMUST and Shirere
  • Ksh. 50 million to plant trees;
  • Ksh. 15 m to empower artisanal groups;

4.7 Lands, Housing, Urban Areas and Physical Planning

  • Spend Ksh. 500 m to buy land for development;
  • Ksh. 10 m to create an inventory of all public land;
  • Ksh. 20 M to establish a GIS map;
  • Ksh. 30 m to purchase survey equipment;
  • Ksh. 60 m for fencing county land;
  • Construct 150 housing units at a cost of Ksh. 450 m
  • Ksh. 2 m to develop county housing policy;
  • Ksh. 6 m to name streets;
  • Ksh. 30 m to establish a functional cemetery
  • Kakamega County CIDP mid-term evaluation to be conducted in 2020 at a cost of Ksh. 5 million. A similar amount to be spent on CIDP end term evaluation.
  • Ksh. 200 m to be invested in a regional bank.
  • Governor’s residence in Lugari – Ksh. 36 m
  • Governor’s residence in Kakamega – Ksh. 66 m – Why does a governor need two residences?
  • Kakamega County Deputy Governor Governor’s residence will be allocated a total of Ksh.  50 m during the period under review; 
  • Construction of Kakamega County court – Ksh. 7 m

4.8 County Assembly 

  • of beneficiaries of Mortgage and Car Loan Scheme for 88 Members of County Assembly (MCAs) and 81 staff at a cost of Ksh. 640M;
  • County Assembly block – Ksh. 500m;
  • County assembly parking – Ksh. 20m
  • Hansard equipment – Ksh, 50;

5.0 References 

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Kakamega County CIDP 2018 – 2022 

Video of Kakamega County development plans 2018-2022 



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