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The table below compares Kisumu County budget estimates for FY 2018/2019 and the proposed estimates for 2019/2020.

Sector FY 2018/2019FY 2019/2020Deviation 
Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries 519,131,207534,957,30715,826,100
Finance & Economic Planning 1,809,264,8101,211,961,574-597,303,236
Business, Cooperatives and Markets 494,596,975199,555,429-295,041,546
Physical Planning, Lands, Housing and Urban Development 221,944,390158,390,188-63,554,202
Environment, Natural Resources, Water and Irrigation465,267,429352,919,821-112,347,608
Health Sector 3,503,793,7263,321,839,669-181,954,057
Education, Human Resource Development and ICT; Women, Youth Affairs and Social Services 698,606,317484,669,429-213,936,888
Energy & Industrialization 0180,820,362180,820,362
Public Works, Roads & Transport 729,902,962721,777,586-8,125,376
Tourism, Culture, Arts and Sports 302,287,606299,959,943-2,327,663
Governance, Public Service, Security & Disaster Management; Policy Delivery, Strategic Planning & Public Communication 634,704,202642,362,3587,658,156
City of Kisumu1,679,209,2721,441,044,629-238,164,643
County Assembly735,561,162684,802,036-50,759,126
Kisumu County Public Service Board 81,264,27546,408,981-34,855,294
TOTAL 11,875,534,33310,281,469,312-1,594,065,021

As you can see, less money will be spent on FY 2019/2020 budget as compared to the current one.

If nothing is done, the budget for all social sectors, i.e. education, health, lands and housing will receive budget cuts. This is bad for the ordinary residents of Kisumu County.

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