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Tuition-free countries at college and university level often have fewer graduates

Many politicians around the world when campaigning for elective office have at times promised to introduce tuition-free at public colleges and universities. Once such politician in the recent times is Elizabeth Warren of United States of America (USA).

Now research shows that having tuition-free colleges and universities are not a guarantee that graduation rates will shoot up. Indeed, research findings have clearly shown that countries with either free or ultra-low tuition rates have fewer college graduates as compared to those countries with expensive college costs.

Evidence shows that where tuition-free policy is implemented, fewer and fewer people get access to higher education.

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Germany and France are among the large countries with an excess of ten (10) million people to qualify as tuition-free nations. Elsewhere, in order to study in Canada, Japan, Britain and Australia you will be required to spend plenty of money also called Out-Of-Pocket Payments.

In light of these observations, research has further shown that free education in France and Germany has not helped improved the situation considering that free-education in the two countries has not significantly improved the incidence in regards to college completion. The two countries are lagging behind those nations where higher tuition fees are paid.

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