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Health Action day at Mwaloya Primary School in Kinondo Ward – Kwale County

Health Action Day at Mwaloya Primary School in Kinondo ward conducted by Msambweni Sub county Health management team lead by Doctor Kelvin Nduhiu.

The day has been set aside as an event for offering the community guidance, support and professional help from variety of wellbeing health workers.

A timetable of physical activity sessions was done including insecticide_treated nets demonstration where families were taken through a series of events on how they can use those nets as one of major intervention measures to reduce malaria transmissions in the region by the Sub County Malaria Coordinator Esther Karisa.

The camp also ofered a free cervical Cancer screening to the community lead by Sub County Public Health Nurse Binti Swaleh for early detection and possible treatment and guidance if one tested positive where as the screening tests look for particular changes and early signs of cancer before it has developed or before any symptoms emerge.

The camp sponsored by Base Titanium Company through the department of Health Services offered check ups by a team of professional health workers from Msambweni Sub County

In attendance was community health strategy focal person Beja Bati, Sub County Reproductive Health coordinator Ashora Mwanguku, Base Titanium Representatives among other delegates.

Reported on Facebook by Chigamba Adams

Kwale County government should borrow a leave from this gesture and provide mobile health services for villages which are discriminated against in the name of “you will be relocated to pave way for mining.”

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