Google tracks people’s locations worldwide

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Google tracks people’s locations worldwide

Google Incorporated has been tracking people’s locations globally. This is being used by the law enforcement agencies to track and apprehend criminals.

The law enforcement agencies apply for warrants to search for personal information which Google complies with. All devices located near the scene of murder are therefore provided.

Google maintains large scale databases which is good for safety of their clients. However, this is raising concerns about use of personal information. It is true that now tech companies can use their huge databases to understand who your friends are, what content you read, what you watch or eat.

This is also a dilemma for regulators, policy makers and consumers. What comes into my mind is should I stop using modern devices? What are the implications of using modern technology? Should we re-evaluate and investigate how corporations collect personal data and what they use it for.

Use of technology can play a critical role in catching murderers, thieves and terrorists but there is also a chance of catching innocent people and dragging them to a court of law. These are the people who lot in jail and this is what we should strive to prevent.

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries wrote a detailed article on this matter on The New York Times on 13 April, 2019. Read the complete article here.

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