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If it’s true that the state wants to regulate sale of raw milk, that will kill the economy of many households.

I must say that it will break millions of those families who depend on selling raw milk produced within their household as the main income stream.

Many people keep cows for the pure purpose of raising additional income to supplement whatever they receive from other sources.
In fact I argue that the state should start by strengthening the milk cooperative societies before criminalizing sale of raw milk
For the last 32 years that I have lived, I knew families which own a dairy cows were far a head of the pack economic-wise.

I vividly remember, many parents paid school fees, build houses, paid dowry, paid bills and put food on their tables through sale of raw milk.

Raw milk on its own has never killed a soul. Whenever we had social functions in the village such as weddings, funerals and parents day ceremonies raw milk was always booked in large scale in order to quench the visitors’ thirst for tea or coffee.

Generally, raw milk brought all of us together and we never cared about processed milk. In fact, from some quarters we are advised to reduced our consumption of processed foods. Processed milk is not an exception.

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Sharing is Caring:

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