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Interview with Willis Sumba on Busia County health budget

Busia County is located in Western part of Kenya. In Fiscal Year 2017/2018, Busia County has a supplementary budget of Ksh. 7.45 billion out of which Ksh. 5.06 billion and Ksh. 2.39 billion is for recurrent and development expenditure respectively.

Busia County was targeting to collect Ksh. 412 million from Own Sources of Revenues (OSR); receive Ksh. 5.8 billion as equitable share, Ksh. 431 million as conditional grants and Ksh. 776 million as balance brought forward from the previous FY 2016/2017.

However, Busia was able to collect Ksh. 176 million from Own Source of Revenues against the target of Ksh. 412 million. This was a great under-performance.

Health Sector

In 2017/2018, health sector in Busia County was allocated Ksh. 1.5 billion for recurrent and Ksh. 293 million for development expenditure. It was the highest allocation among all the sectors.

For the development budget, only Ksh. 117 million was spent and Ksh. 1.4 billion on recurrent budget.

By the end of Financial Year 2017/2018, Busia County had not established the County Budget and Economic Forum (CBEF). This can be an advocacy point of view.

Video: Willis Sumba speaking on Busia County budgeting for health

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